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[[Back in Nega-Nick's watery prison, the alien that now controls him is reprimanding him.]]
Alien: I have seen too many of my siblings embrace this "sexual nature" of your species, and what it does to them. I'm not going to start down that path.
Nick: [shouting angrily] They're MARRIED! You can't avoid it forever!

[[The perspective begins to draw back away from Nega-Nick, still floating in his chains.]]
Alien: Perhaps not. But I know your thoughts, remember? I know that act was as much in revenge against your alternate and her as it was to "keep our cover." and you did not discuss it with me first.

Alien: "Give me an inch and I'll steal a mile," you said. True enough. You've proven that my trust is something you'll have to struggle to earn, and you won't be earning it quickly.

[[Darkness gathers around Nega-Nick, who is growing more and more distant.]]
Alien: I cannot do this without you, Nicholas, but never forget that you are my prisoner, NOT an equal partner. Actions have consequences. You will not like what you have earned...

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