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[[While "holding down the fort" at GPF, Patty is being "drafted" by Fooker to help him with some server maintenance.]]
Patty: [trying to escape] Look, if you're busy...
Fooker: [jabbing a screwdriver at Patty] Hold it right there, missy! What's your work load today? Are you doing anything critical?

Patty: Well, everyone else is out, so aside from answering phones I just have test case documents to write...
Fooker: Then I'm appropriating your behind. Load up!

Fooker: [shoving three servers into Patty's arms] I've got 15 servers to retrofit and upgrade by Monday. Those docs can wait. I hereby deputize you Junior Assistant Sys Admin.
Patty: [wide-eyed] B-but the phones...

[[Not taking "no" for an answer Fooker grabs his own pile of servers and turns to walk away, leaving Patty struggling under her load.]]
Fooker: I'll forward the lines to your cell once we get upstairs. C'mon! These warranties aren't going to void themselves!

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