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[[Fooker has reached the server room and is putting his stack of five servers on a table. Patty is behind him, carrying a stack of three. She's out of breath from the stairs.]]
Patty: I thought... Sharon... was helping you...
Fooker: She's been setting up boxes for Winter's Jewelry, and she signed up for that 5K run thing months ago.

Fooker: [not noticing as Patty starts to disappear behind the load in her arms] Besides, we've been swamped lately with so much new work that it's hard to keep up with it all. Every time I turn around I have to set up a new box and a dozen virtual hosts.

Fooker: [pontificating, still not noticing Patty's distress] Of course, it's a lot easier with virtual hosts now. Used to be we'd need a dozen physical boxes, towers even, for the same setup. That's modern tech there, lightening our load...

[[Fooker final turns and sees Patty, and reaches out to take the servers from her.]]
Fooker: By the way, these servers are heavy. You should work out more...
Patty: [glaring] Well excuse me for having girly arms, being a GIRL and all.

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