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[[Fooker is starting to open one of the new servers, with Patty looking over his shoulder.]]
Fooker: OK, here's the plan. I've got a spankin' new 5TB drive for each blade, so we're swapping out the old disks for the new. Easy peasy.

Fooker: [eyeing a small box] While we're at it, I've got some new DIMMs so we're going to double the RAM in each box. I've also got new NICs to speed up our network.

Fooker: [thinking, as Patty starts to look skeptical] Come to think of it, I need to replace the motherboard and processor too, and at that point I might as well swap out the power supply to keep up with the demand.

Patty: [dryly] Are you planning to keep ANY of the original equipment?
Fooker: Well... The chassis is pretty sweet-looking...

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