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[[Fooker and Patty are in GPF's server room, upgrading servers. They've both started working again after Patty has brought things to a standstill with a comment about how this was the first thing they've done together rather then as part of a team, a comment that Fooker found awkward.]]
Patty: Look, like I said, we've done tons of stuff on the same team. Why would it be awkward for us to work on something one-on-one?

Fooker: [Intentionally not looking at her] Well, you know... People TALK...
Patty: [Looking toward Fooker] Talk? What, about US? You and me?

Fooker: [With sweeping hand motions and a cocked eyebrow] You know... Cute geek girl, sexy ubergeek stud, all alone in a sweltering server room... Anything can happen...

Patty: [Glaring] There are so many things wrong with that sentence that I don't know where to start, but the bottom line is NO. Just... NO.
Fooker: [Returning the glare] It's PEOPLE! They TALK! It's what they do!

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