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[[Fooker and Patty are in GPF's server room, upgrading servers.]]
Patty: If you want evidence that anything non-platonic between us is impossible, imagine how SHARON would react to hearing that.
Fooker: [looking up, thinking] Laughter-induced asphyxia, followed by a severe bludgeoning. Point taken.

Fooker: Besides, I wouldn't want to get between Dexter and his woman. I've SEEN what that man can do if pressed into battle.
Patty: [insistently] I am NOT "Dexter's woman."

Fooker: Oh, really? You're at his apartment every other evening, you take lunch breaks together, eat out together, you went to that little sci-fi con upstate together...
Patty: [intent on her work] We're FRIENDS. We are NOT dating.

Fooker: [turning back to the server he's working on] Oh, ONE of you is dating, and I gotta say, he must be incredibly patient.
[[Patty looks thoughtfully over her shoulder at Fooker.]]

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