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[[Patty and Fooker are in GPF's server room, talking while upgrading server hardware. Fooker has just suggested that Patty and Dexter are dating, whether Patty chooses to admit it or not.]]
Patty: Fine. If THAT'S the way you want to play... I don't suppose either you or Sharon have noticed Tim...
Fooker: Tall guy, blond, glasses, smells faintly of licorice..?

Sharon: [intently, pointing her screwdriver at Fooker] I mean how he ACTS around you two. Oh, he hides it well and you two are obliviously self-absorbed, but he's uncomfortable around you. He's never admitted it to me, but I suspect he has a secret crush.

Fooker: [concentrating on a memory module] Oh, I'm OK with that. Sharon's a hot babe, so I wouldn't blame him. Heck, she and Dex had a thing, but that's ancient history. I KNOW which class C her IP address is in.

Patty: [grinning slyly] I never said he had a crush on SHARON...
[[While he doesn't appear to move, something shatters in the server Fooker is working on.]]
<<SNAP tinkle tinkle>>

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