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[[While working together on server hardware in GPF's server room, Patty has just shocked Fooker with the suggestion that Tim may have a crush on him.]]
Fooker: [wide-eyed] You... don't mean to imply...
Patty: I'm not implying anything. You'll have to draw your own conclusions.

Patty: [motioning dismissively with her screwdriver] I've never seen him when he's alone with you or Sharon, just when all four of us are present. But he's obviously uncomfortable with the two of you together, and it's not hard to guess why.

Fooker: Well... that's his problem, I guess. Sharon and I are tight, and that's not changing. As for... well, no offense, but what someone does on they're own private LAN is their business, but for me plugs and jacks only fit together one way.

Sharon: [mischievously] My, my... Poor Sharon. Sounds like things must be pretty boring for her, then.
Fooker: [glaring] You know what I mean...

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