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[[Fooker and Patty are starting to wrap up their server hardware upgrades in GPF's server room. Fooker is clarifying comments he just made about he, Tim, and Sharon. Both are fitting covers back onto their respective servers.]]
Fooker: Look, all I'm saying is that it doesn't matter which way Tim swings. Sharon and I have an exclusive lock on our relationship mutex and it ain't changing.

Patty: That sounds pretty definitive, almost "'Til death do we part" definitive.
Fooker: [glowering a bit] Well, don't go picking out bridesmaid corsages yet.

Fooker: Let's just say I'm not into the whole wedding thing. With a few nearby exceptions, no matrimony I've seen has been all that holy. My parents' break-up messed with my brother and me for years, and I'd never wish that on Sharon.

Fooker: Maybe YOU might think being wedded is bliss, but I'll stick with "Single but committed," thank you very much.
Patty: [sadly, turning away] No, I think I can sympathize.

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