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[[Fooker and Patty are both finishing their last server upgrade in GPF's server room.]]
Fooker: There. Done. You may now cheerfully accept defeat.
Patty: [smiling] I may concede to a tie, but not defeat.

Fooker: [looking back at Patty] Awkward. We never set a provision for a tie.
Patty: [handing the tools back to Fooker] How about we split the license check down the middle, after you start imaging the first of these boxes.

Fooker: Sounds fair. [he starts to put his arm around Patty] You know, Patricia Johnson, you're not so bad... Despite all the wild, scandalous rumors and gossip.
Patty: [looking sideways at Fooker] And you're only half as crass and sexist as the girls make you out to be.

[Fooker has his arm around Patty's shoulders, gesturing broadly with his other hand.]]
Fooker: Don't look now, P.J., but I think we may have just bonded.
Patty: [uncomfortably] Maybe, but not enough for you to EVER call me that again.

References: I think they somewhat forgot the terms of the competition...
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