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[[Dwayne Duncan is calling a staff meeting to order at GPF headquarters.]]
Dwayne: [smiling] I wanted to start today's status by welcoming back a few familiar faces...

Dwayne: First off, Nick, it's good to see you back. [[Nega-Nick waves from his wheelchair, his arm in a sling.]] He'll be handling team lead duties until he's ready to type again.
[[Ki is seated beside Nega-Nick, while Trudy (also with her arm in a sling) is seated on Ki's opposite side.]]

Dwayne: Next, Fred is back, as well, from his sojourn into stardom.
Fred: [on the table next to Patty] And a fair bit humbler, you'll be happy to know.

Dwayne: Since we're talking about staff, I'd also like to announce that Ki has been helping me recruit someone else, since the Dobbson project is looking solid. You might be... SURPRISED [[he winks]] to see who we're planning to add.

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