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[[Ki and Nega-Nick are leaving the staff meeting. Ki is pushing Nega-Nick's wheelchair.]]
Nega-Nick: So who are you helping Dwayne recruit?
Ki: [glancing back into the room] Um, I think negotiations aren't final, so I'd better not say.

Nega-Nick: [glaring over his shoulder] So it's a secret, eh? I hope it's not someone I'm going to object to...
[[From behind them they hear a voice]]
Voice: Ahem...

[[The perspective changes, and we see the voice belongs to Trudy. Her arm is still in a sling, and she looks very tentative.]]
Trudy: Um, hi, Nick. Ki. I... think the three of us need to make plans for lunch.

[[Nega-Nick looks up at Ki, and she looks back down at him.]]
Nega-Nick: I think you're right... and I think it needs to be a long one.

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