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[[Patty has followed Dexter out of the conference room, and Fred is perched on her shoulder. Fooker follows behind, a scowl on his face.]]
Patty: [to Fred] The phones were upgraded last year, so it's a whole new system. I'll give you a crash course to bring you up to speed.

[[Fooker pushes past, his scowl deepening as he glares at Fred. Lightning seems to flash as the two regard each other.]]

Patty: [to Fred, watching Fooker as he catches up to Tim] What was THAT all about?
Fred: Old grudge. The less I see of the blond ape, the happier I'll be.

[[Patty and Fred continue walking as Fooker catches up to Tim and puts his arm around Tim's shoulder. Tim looks a bit uncomfortable.]]
Fooker: Tim! Buddy! If I gave you two tickets to a sci-fi con in Athens next week, who would you rather take, Dexter or Patty?

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