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[[Fooker and Tim walk down a hallway in the GPF offices. Fooker is "following up" on his conversation with Patty while the two of them were working on server hardware in GPF's server room.]]
Tim: Who would I rather take to a sci-fi con? Why do you ask?
Fooker: No reason. Got two tickets. Don't plan to go. Hate to see them go to waste.

Tim: [thinking] Well, in that case... I'd have to say... Dexter.
Fooker: [a bit surprised] Dex, huh. Curious... Any particular reason...?

Tim: Dex would probably appreciate it more. I mean, Patty enjoys science fiction, but not like Dex. I can't see her walking among Klingons, Cylons, and Sontarans.
Fooker: Ah.

Fooker: What if I said I had a coupon for a free dinner for two at Luigi's? In the non-scopophiliacs section, even.
Tim: [starting to get suspicious] Are you... going somewhere with this?

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