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[[Patty is giving Fred an introduction to the updated phone system at GPF. She's leaning back in her chair, while Fred has a headset on and is working a computer keyboard with a couple of pseudo-pods.]]
Patty: As you can see, the system isn't all that different. But it does give you a lot more information and has better logging.
Fred: Yeah, it's all coming back to me.

Fred: Cool... It logs the time, number, duration, caller ID... What was this call last week from a "Crates, S. O."?
Patty: Oh, some "recruiter" headhunting, I think. He was actually looking for you.

[[Patty is surprised to see Fred angrily hurl the headset across the table.]]
Fred: Curse my cytoplasm! I can't BELIEVE he's still at it! I thought he gave up YEARS ago!
Patty: You recognize that name?

Fred: ["arms" crossed in front of him] "Socrates." He's been hounding me for years, ever since my existence first became public.
Patty: [dryly] No offense, but at your speeds, stalking must take on a leisurely pace.

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