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[[Nega-Nick (impersonating the "real" Nick), Ki, and Trudy are continuing their lunch discussion, trying to remember what happened at Lakatos.]]
Ki: OK, so there's an unknown third party Trudy was angry with. Why do you think she was mad at YOU?
Nega-Nick: No idea. I don't recall being mad at HER.

Trudy: Oh, but you WERE! You were SEETHING! You were so mad I thought you were going to hit me, but... you didn't. You WOULDN'T, I know. But that was... after...

[[Trudy pauses, an image of her kissing Nick filling her mind. When it passes Ki is looking at her suspiciously while Nega-Nick listens doubtfully.]]

Ki: After WHAT?
Trudy: [visibly shaken] Um, I... THOUGHT I remembered something, but I was wrong. HORRIBLY wrong.

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