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[[Nega-Nick (impersonating the "real" Nick), Ki, and Trudy are continuing their lunch discussion, trying to remember what happened at Lakatos.]]
Nega-Nick: Well, we WERE both shot in the arms. That certainly lays credence to someone trying to kill us. But I can't think of anything that could have happened that would have caused that.

Ki: [thoughtfully] Fooker said that resort burned to the ground later that night, and it was probably arson. Maybe you two stumbled into something you weren't supposed to see...

[[Trudy's eyes go wide as she sees a memory of Nick lying atop her, glasses askew, with his face between her breasts. Nega-Nick notices.]]

Nega-Nick: Trudy? You OK?
Trudy: [flushed, fanning herself with her hand] I... think I may need to stumble into a cold shower...

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