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[[Fooker is still probing Tim, trying to determine Tim's orientation. Fooker's asked some confusing questions, and Tim's a bit lost.]]
Tim: I'm... not sure I follow...
Fooker: [expressively] You know... Some folks prefer iOS to Android, or JSON to XML... Different ways of scratching the same itch...

Fooker: I mean, you could pick Ruby or Python to do the same task -- or if you're really masochistic, Perl -- but in the end, a guy's gotta code what a guy's gotta code...
[[Tim finally gets it and smiles knowingly.]]
Tim: Oh... NOW I see where this is going...

Tim: [blushing a bit, hands on Fooker's shoulders] I think you've misinterpreted something. I'm NOT gay. I know I hang around with The Brotherhood a lot, but I'm definitely straight. I'm sorry if I somehow gave you the wrong impression.

Tim: I'm... flattered, but I'm not your type. And please let Sharon down gently. I don't think she'll be too happy to find out she's been your "beard" for this long.
[[A bit confused and flustered himself, Fooker merely cocks an eyebrow in surprise.]]

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