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[[Patty is recovering from her "encounter" with Fred. She's using a paper towel to wipe down her shirt and chest while she talks to Fred about the cause of what just happened.]]
Fred: Sorry about the slime. It's apparently instinct for me to burrow when scared.
Patty: If this stains, you're buying me a new shirt.

Fred: It's just the thought of "Socrates" being so close... He was easy to dismiss before, but now? What if I met him on the street? I wouldn't even recognize him...
Patty: Wow, this really DOES bother you.

Patty: If it makes you feel better, I told him you didn't work here anymore, which was true at the time. Maybe that will tide him over. Does anyone else know you're staying with Dex?
Fred: Just need-to-knows. Dwayne, Nick, Ki...
[[Fred is interrupted by the phone ringing]]

Patty: [looking at the call data on the screen]] "Nophon, X. E." You have to admit, he sticks with a theme...
Fred: [hiding] Mind taking one last call for me? Not sure I have the hang of this system yet...

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