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[[Patty and Fred are discussing the call they just received from someone they assume to be the mysterious "Socrates".]]
Fred: Turn the tables on him? How?
Patty: Well, his numbers were on caller ID, which means they're not unlisted...

Fred: [interrupting] Which means we should be able to get his address! I can confront him on my own terms!
Patty: Not on your own, of course. That wouldn't be safe.

Patty: [thinking] You need someone who can be intimidating... imposing. Ordinarily I might suggest Fooker, but... What about Dex?
Fred: THAT big teddy bear? What would HE do? SIT on him?

Fred: Still... I guess size DOES matter. So could you bat your eyelashes or jiggle something to get him to help? Seeing as your his woman and all...
Patty: [glaring] I am NOT "Dexter's woman"!

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