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[[Back at their lunch, Ki, Trudy, and Nega-Nick (impersonating "our" Nick) are discussing how to bring back Trudy and "Nick's" memories.]]
Ki: I want to go back to the anger between you two. Anger is a strong emotion, and that should be rooted in strong memories.

Ki: [to Trudy] Nick says he doesn't remember being mad at you, but you said he nearly hit you. That doesn't sound like him. What could you have done that would make him THAT mad at you?

Trudy: There's... only one thing I can think of that could make him THAT angry...
[[Trudy suddenly remembers a snarling Nick slapping a stack of papers from her hands.]]
Trudy: He smacked those papers from my hand...

Trudy: [eyes narrowed, memories returning] Shipping invoices... Those were shipping invoices. We were in a warehouse... a gym converted to a refrigerated warehouse...
[[Behind them both, Nega-Nick glares angrily.]]

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