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[[Ki, Trudy, and Nega-Nick (impersonating "our" Nick) are at lunch. Their discussion of Trudy's returning memories continues.]]
Ki: A refrigerated warehouse? At a luxury resort?
Trudy: Full of boxes packed with dry ice and liquid nitrogen. I can SEE the warning placards on them.

Ki: Why would they convert a gym into a giant freezer?
Nega-Nick: [trying to distract their train of thought] It was a BIG dinner. That's a whole lotta shrimp...
Trudy: No...

[[Trudy remembers a scene from the warehouse, a crate with a "Lakatos" label containing a picture of a padlock.]]
Trudy: We made some sort of connection... We linked Lakatos with something... important. A name... something... familiar...

Trudy: [to Nega-Nick] You said something about a message for Fooker... "Beware" something...
Nega-Nick: "Beware the capers, for they are too salty..."?
[[Ki glares at "Nick"]]

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