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[[Trish continues her narration, picking up with Ki's offer to help her get a job at GPF. We see Ki trying to convince a skeptical-looking Dwayne.]]
Trish: [narrating] "She said she had talked it over with her manager, and she believed he would hire me as an analyst if I interviewed well. Several people in her office knew her story, so I would have sympathetic ears."

[[We see Ki, arms folded, with faded images of Nick, Dex, and Patty behind her.]]
Trish: [narrating] "There might be a few in the office who remembered the 'evil me' that would take 'convincing,' but Ki promised she would be on my side."

[[Trish remembers standing in front of Ki as Ki reaches out to shake her hand.]]
Trish: [narrating] "A fresh start, a new life... A chance to recover what was lost in a supportive environment. She said it wouldn't be perfect, but it was the best she could offer."

[[Trish remembers embracing Ki, with a big smile on her face.]]
Trish: [narrating] "Of course I agreed. How could I possibly refuse...?"

References: Dwayne drops a hint about a new hire; Dexter, Nick, and Patty's experiences with "Bad Trish"
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