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[[Trish continues her narration about her first day at GPF, picking up after Dexter has recovered from his initial shock at seeing her. We see him escorting her away from Sharon and Trudy.]]
Trish: [narrating] "Dexter swept me along with his huge arm and apologiezed. Apparently this 'alternate universe' business was difficult to accept even for those who experienced it first-hand."

[[Trish remembers Dex introducing her to Fred, who is taking calls and has a headset on his "head."]]
Trish: [narrating] "He led me to another office where he introduced me to someone who needed no introductions: The one and only Fredrick 'Fred' Physarum!"

[[Trish is seriously in awe, making huge heart-shaped "fan eyes" at Fred, who seems somewhat taken aback.]]
Trish: [narrating] "I've been a HUGE fan since I first awoke, not long after the lawsuit that 'outed' him. I've followed his career all the way to his 'forfeit' on 'Dancing with the Stars.' (We fans KNOW it was all rigged!)"

[[Trish is shaking Fred's "hand" and smiling broadly.]]
Trish: [narrating] "I'm afraid I came on a bit strong, and I think he was surprised that he still had a following. Nonetheless, he shook my hand and thanked me for my support. (If it weren't for health regulations, I'd never wash my hands again.)"

References: Fred and Trent go to court; "Bad Trish" watches on TV ("Good Trish" wasn't revealed to be alive at that point); "Dancing with the Stars"
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