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[[Trish is concluding her narration of her first day at GPF, picking up after her conversation with Nega-Nick. We see her with Ki in one of GPF's hallways, as Dwayne arrives with a folder for her.]]
Trish: [narrating] "The rest of my first day was uneventful. Ki caught back up with me and showed me the rest of the office, then Dwayne gave me a preview of my first project."

[[She remembers sitting at a table at Antony's Pizza with Ki, Dexter, Sharon, Nega-Nick in his wheelchair, and Fooker, who is wearing a dark wig and a fake mustache.]]
Trish: [narrating] "At closing time, several of the team invited me out for pizza. I'm still not sure why 'Fooker' wore a disguise, however..."

[[We see Trish sitting on her bed, wearing a nightshirt and talking on the telephone.]]
Trish: [narrating] "When I got home, I called Doctor Aki and told him everything. I swore that one day I would repay him for his kindness, but he said seeing me this happy was payment enough."

[[We see Trish, laying back on her pillow, arms straight out at her sides, smiling beatifically.]]
Trish: [narrating] "If I knew what was about to happen, I would have been terrified. But for the first time in years, I was truly and completely happy."

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