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[[Nick brushes his teeth while wearing disheveled clothing. His hair is a mess, and his glasses are not on his face. Ki leans against the door frame wearing nothing but a bathrobe, which is help only partially closed and has slid off one shoulder.]]
Ki: I'm so glad those casts are finally off, and that your pain is mostly gone.

[[Ki approaches Nick from behind, placing her hands on his waist, as he continues to brush. She smiles warmly]]
Ki: I've been pretty patient? I want to help you heal in any way I can, but seeing as you're feeling better?

[[She slowly turns him around, pressing herself up against him. Her robe opens just enough to make it obvious she's not wearing anything underneath. She cocks one eye seductively.]]
Ki: I don't think Dwayne would say anything if we came into the office just a little late this morning?

[[Nick sneezes abruptly onto Ki's chest, spraying snot and toothpaste everywhere. Ki is understandably startled.]]
Nick: <<AACHOO>>

References: Casts; "Nick's" "pain"
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