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[[Nega-Nick, masquerading as "our" Nick, watches Ki storm out of the bathroom, where he's just interrupted her attempted seduction by sneezing all over her. She's wrapped her robe around herself and abandoned her attempt.]]
Nega-Nick: [wiping at his nose] Excubse meh.
Ki: [angrily] Oh, you're excused.

[[Nega-Nick has put his glasses back on and followed Ki out to their bedroom, where she's starting to get dressed.]]
Nega-Nick: I neenk I'm gummink down wiff someneenk. I'm gallink in sick an' headink to tha doctor.
Ki: While you're there, ask them to check for a pulse.

Nega-Nick: [earnestly] Look, I'm sorry. I know you're frushtrated. I am too. Firsht th' crash, now a gold... I want to, really. I jush can barely liff my arms, let alone...

Ki: [looking pointedly at Nega-Nick's crotch] I can SEE that. I was naked right in front of you and not even a twitch.
Nega-Nick: [looking down] Th' tent pole hash collapshed.

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