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[[Having successfully removed Ki the house for the day, Nega-Nick and the alien controlling him make plans for while she's gone. Nega-Nick is still in the easy chair and tapping at Nick's notebook. All conversation is taking place in Nega-Nick's mind.]]
Nega-Nick: Although I'm sure you could have concocted that sneeze yourself. You have an alarmingly FINE level of control over my involuntary systems.
Alien: A detail you should not forget.

Nega-Nick: And I'm still tweaked that you actually broke my arm and leg, "replicating" my alternate's injuries. That took forever to heal, thank you.
Alien: All necessary to maintain our ruse, I assure you.

Nega-Nick: Let's check his mail... Who is this "Blawgus?" I've heard that name somewhere before...
Alien: An underling in your universe, I believe. Here, your alternate would know him as "Agent #18," a U.G.A. operative... and now one of ours.

Nega-Nick: [thoughtful] Subject: "Required reading". What is this "Peter's Evil Overlord List"...?
Alien: Ah, yes. It seems Mr. Blawgus remembers the real you and wishes to offer some friendly advice...

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