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[[Nega-Nick has been reading Blawgus' (Agent #18's) email to him, email containing "Peter's Evil Overlord List". He suddenly drops the notebook to the side and continues conversing (in his mind) with his alien controller.]]
Nega-Nick: [angrily] This is insulting! I KNOW what he's insinuating!
Alien: All sound advice, given what I've seen of your memories. You need to be more subtle. A little less... mustache twirling...?

Nega-Nick: [getting up from his chair and starting across the room] It's a waste of time. We have more important tasks to attend to, like the reason we ditched Oshiro this morning...]

[[Nega-Nick opens a door and reveals a room full of gleaming gadgetry.]]
Nega-Nick: The Mutex and Velociraptor. Part virtual reality, part interdimensional transport... All POWER.
Alien: Both our bane and our key to subjugating this planet. Let us hope you can finally UNDERSTAND it.

References: Wiki articles for the MUTEX and Velociraptor, both full of reference links
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