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[[Nega-Nick is picking up tools, preparing to examine Nick's Velociraptor and MUTEX. He is continuing his conversation (in his mind) with his alien controller.]]
Nega-Nick: Just because I never built it myself doesn't mean I COULDN'T. I had the same potential HE had.
Alien: And yet, you failed for years to replicate it. Potential does not equate to competence.

Alien: What is important is that the device in in our possession, albeit in secret. If it is all you claim it to be, it would be a powerful weapon if used against us.
Nega-Nick: [dismissively] The MUTEX is a toy.

Alien: Yes, Velociraptor is his true masterwork. Limitless energy, harnessed for infinite uses. But I still do not see HOW it works.
Nega-Nick: It inverts the proton flux through an ionic synergy of radial neutrino matrices...

Alien: Don't embarrass yourself. You don't know, and I can tell when you're lying.
Nega-Nick: [grimacing angrily] Well it's better than saying "pixie dust and faerie farts"!

References: "Nega-Nick" admits his inability to replicate Velociraptor; Nick admits (more than once) that he doesn't know how or why it works
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