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[[Nega-Nick is conversing (in his mind) with his alien controller while getting ready to examine Nick's Velociraptor.]]
Alien: Before you, our kind could not accept the possibility of parallel universes. Perpetual energy should be impossible. Perhaps this machine siphons energy from another universe.
Nega-Nick: Perhaps...

[[Nega-Nick is sitting in front of Velociraptor, and has removed a panel from it while the alien continues to speak.]]
Alien: What matters now is that we figure out how to harness it ourselves. It may be used as a weapon for us or against us. Obviously, the former is preferable.

Nega-Nick: [reaching into the panel he's removed] Preferable for YOU. You'll excuse me if I'd rather claim it solely for myself.
Alien: It's amusing how you continue to resist, even when... Watch out for that --

[[The alien's warning is interrupted as Nega-Nick apparently touches something highly energized within Velociraptor. He's thrown across the room, his glasses flying off as he impacts the wall behind him.]]

References: The theory of Velociraptor pulling energy from parallel universes has been raised before
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