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[[Nega-Nick feels triumphant, gloating over the fact that he seems to have gained the upper hand over the alien that was controlling him.]]
Nega-Nick: I may not be able to USE your telepathic abilities, but I HAVE learned to block them. I've been testing this skill here and there while you've been distracted. All those times when your "connection" has been weak...?

Alien: My silence... will be noticed. The others...
Nega-Nick: [interrupting, straightening into a heroic pose] Will assume you've gone deep under cover, just as you told me from the beginning.

Alien: You are too erratic, too easily distracted. We need each other in order for this ruse to be a success.
Nega-Nick: I don't need you for anything.

[[While Nega-Nick has been speaking, his left arm has slowly been going out to his side, and now his left hand has formed into a fist. His eyes go blank as he suddenly strikes himself HARD in the chin, spit flying from his mouth.]]
Alien: Then stop hitting yourself.

References: "Deep under cover" (although apparently they have been in contact since then)
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