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[[When Nega-Nick started to (prematurely...) celebrate his victory over the alien that used to have complete control over him, the alien interrupted his celebration by making Nega-Nick smack himself in the jaw. He's currently leaned against a table, rubbing his jaw and wincing.]]
Alien: See? Your gloating left you susceptible to my control. You may have wrested primary control from me, but I can still influence your actions.

Alien: You have proven you are too volatile to carefully plan your actions. What we need now is not impulse but strategy. I need your knowledge, while you need me to temper your thirst for vengeance.

Alien: [as Nega-Nick starts bristle] Whether you plan to betray us in the end is currently irrelevant. At the moment, our goals are mutually aligned. We both want control of this planet, and we both know this equipment is the key.

Nega-Nick: [objecting] ONE of our goals is aligned. You keep blocking one of MY key objectives.
Alien: "Getting Ki in the sack" isn't on par with world domination.

References: An uneasy alliance; One of "Nega-Nick's" "key objectives"
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