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[[Nega-Nick has left Velociraptor and returned to the couch. He's playing some sort of console game as Ki returns from work. Ki, of course, believes that Nega-Nick is really "her" Nick.]]
Ki: Hey, sweetie. I didn't get any texts from you. What did the doctor say?
Nega-Nick: Just a cold. I just need a couple days to wait it out.

Ki: [tiredly, setting down her purse] Good. You need your rest. I don't want this one going to your lungs and turning into bronchitis again.
Nega-Nick: Haven't left the couch. See? Puddle.

[[Ki sits against a table, rubbing the back of her head. Nega-Nick rises and walks over to her.]]
Nega-Nick: Did I miss anything important?
Ki: Well, you missed Fooker's well-timed prank on Scott, but that's not critical...

[[She looks up to face Nega-Nick, a resigned and concerned look on her face.]]
Ki: Dwayne's sending me half-way across the country. For a month.
Alien: [in Nega-Nick's mind, as he adopts a surprised expression] This should prove interesting...

References: "Couch"/"puddle"
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