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[[Emperor Nicholas, aka Nega-Nick, masquerading as our Nick, discusses with Ki her revelation from the previous strip. The two stand in their apartment, presumably their living room. Ki is dressed for work having just returned home, while Nega-Nick is disheveled from calling in "sick" all day.]]
Nick-Nick: A business trip? For a whole month?
Ki: It's the Grayson Foods account. They're in-sourcing that shipping app we built for them.

[[We see Ki close up.]]
Ki: The front end transition will be pretty easy but they're really worried about the database. And since I built the DB, they want me on site to help. Their network is locked tight and they don't allow telework of any sort.

[[Ki continues while we visually focus on Nega-Nick, who appears disappointed.]]
Ki: Meanwhile, you have a whole new set of requirements from Goodman Rubber. Dwayne wanted to send Trish at first, but that's not a good idea for obvious reasons.

[[We pull back to see both of them again. Ki looks apologetic, while Nega-Nick appears annoyed.]]
Ki: It's a lot of face-to-face meetings, so...
Nick-Nick: I can't come with you.
Alien: [[In a disembodied voice that only Nega-Nick can here]] This just keeps getting better and better!

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