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[[Nega-Nick looks in on Ki, who's busy packing for her trip. Ki, of course, believes that he is really "her" Nick.]]
Nega-Nick: So when do you leave?
Ki: First thing in the morning. Dwayne made me book the flight ASAP.

[[Nega-Nick snuggles in suggestively behind Ki, putting his arms around her waist.]]
Nega-Nick: Well, then... It's a good thing I'm starting to feel a little better. If you'll be gone for a month, I need to give you a proper send off...

[[Ki turns around in his arms, placing her hands on his chest. She looks at him sadly.]]
Ki: Sweetie, I can't afford to catch something and get sick while I'm out of town. I REALLY want to, but... it's just not a good idea.

[[She turns and walks away to resume packing. Behind her, Nega-Nick scowls as his alien "partner" chimes in.]]
Alien: I couldn't have planned this better if I tried!
Nega-Nick: [in his mind, to the alien] SHUT UP.

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