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[[Tim pokes his head into Patty's cubicle, where she's typing on her computer.]]
Tim: Patty, can I ask a favor of you?
Patty: [not looking up] Why do I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to regret answering "yes"...?

[[Tim looks sheepish and awkwardly continues as Patty turns her chair to face him, her arms and legs crossed.]]
Tim: It's not like that. I need you to talk to Fooker and Sharon for me.
Patty: Are you suddenly incapable of talking to them yourself...?

Tim: [attempting to explain] No, but things have been a bit... awkward between us lately. Fooker and I had a... conversation not long ago, and he's been a bit cool with me since then. And I'm concerned about his relationship with Sharon.

Patty: [skeptically] Oh, I see where this is going. I am NOT "seducing" one of them just so you can make moves on the other...
Tim: [very confused] Do... what now?

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