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[[Tim is talking to Patty in her office at GPF, attempting to convince her to help patch things up between he, Sharon, and Fooker.]]
Tim: No, no... I just need to clear the air between the three of us, set the record straight. But I can't do that here, and I doubt they'll come if I ask directly.

[[Tim hands a slip of paper to Patty, a pleading look on his face.]]
Tim: All I ask is that you bring them both to this address tonight, as a favor for a friend. Make up whatever excuse you want. Just make sure they know it's important.

Patty: [examining the address written on the paper] Well... you and I aren't much in the way of "friends", but maybe if we can... Wait, is this the old abandoned "Fifth Quarter" arcade down on Hill Street...?

Patty: [putting the pieces together, and yelling angrily] SCOTT, I AM *NOT* DOING YOUR STUPID BROTHERHOOD DIRTY WORK!
[[Tim slumps, all subterfuge abandoned, as Scott responds from somewhere outside Patty's office.]]
Scott: How DOTH she do that?

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