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[[After Patty has foiled their attempt at subterfuge, Scott has joined Tim and Patti in her office.]]
Patty: You want to use ME to get Jason and Sharon to some Brotherhood thing you KNOW they'll never attend.
Scott: To this I doth relent, but all is not as you surmise.

Tim: [intensely] We hath been summoned by thePR0PH3T, the brother who holdeth the secrets of the prophecy of "The One". A summons such as this is unprecedented; It can only mean he is ready to declare once and for all who "The One" truly is.

Tim: He's called US, not the other faction, meaning it MUST be Fooker or Sharon, and they have a right to know, whether they accept it or not. But they'll never come if we ask. You, however...

Scott: Do this for us, and we swear we shall never involve you in another Brotherhood function again.
Patty: [resignedly] Blast it... I WANT to refuse, but the bribe is hard to resist...

References: The Wiki article on "the One" has a nice summary of the prophecy, while the Brotherhood article recaps the "schism"; Patty gets "drafted" into the Brotherhood
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