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[[Later that day, Patty is leading Sharon and Fooker down a sidewalk. The three are dressed for the cold, wearing heavy jackets and earmuffs. Apparently Patty's excuse for getting them to accompany her involved...]]
Sharon: I can't believe you found a computer hardware museum in town! I didn't know one even existed here!
Patty: [dryly] Neither did I...

Sharon: [happily] I remember cutting my teeth on an old Tandy Coco, playing Mega-Bug and Dungeons of Daggorath. That's where I was first bitten by the programming bug.
Fooker: Not bad bits of hardware. 8-bit gold...

Sharon: Maybe they'll have an old original Mac! I haven't seen one in years!
Fooker: Who wants to see a beige brick? Now, if they have a PDP-8, CDC 160A, or even a Linc...

[[They arrive at their destination.]]
Sharon: And it's in the old Fifth Quarter Arcade! How appropriate!
Fooker: [Raising an eyebrow] Yes... Not suspicious at all...
Patty: [holding a key] Um... I'll get the door...

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