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[[Fooker and Sharon have followed Patty to the abandoned Fifth Quarter Arcade, where they discover that it was a ruse perpetrated by Scott and Tim.]]
Scott: Judge not Patricia harshly. We knew ye would not come without guile.
Fooker: Hey, I know clandestine meetings when I see them. Spill, Bill.

Scott: Thou art correct in thy assumption. There hath been a new development regarding the prophesy which ye must be made aware of.
Sharon: [suspiciously] It's about that other faction, isn't it?

Sharon: You told me they had a candidate too, one that matched the old tests. Is this to tell us he passed?
Scott: No, milady. That's no why we summoned thee...
[[A voice interrupts from behind them.]]
Voice: Then why ARE you here, Scott?

[[They turn, and discover Greg and Knuth have also entered. Greg looks at them angrily.]]
Greg: Considering that WE were the ones summoned, I fail to see how your presence is relevant.

References: Scott and Tim brief Sharon on Greg's faction; Wiki articles for Greg and Knuth
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