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[[With both factions of The Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair present at the arcade, things are starting to get ugly between the Brotherhood, their candidates for "the One", and a somewhat bewildered Patty.]]
Sharon: [glaring at Yoshi] YOSHI!
Patty: [pointing a thumb at Yoshi] You know this kid?
Fooker: Ki's little bro, and a royal pain in the tuckus.
Yoshi: [glowering at Fooker and Sharon] HEY!

Scott: [to Greg] Surely you jest, proffering this child as your champion.
Greg: Better than an infidel, a harpy, or their hypothetical offspring.
[[Sharon, fists balled, starts toward Greg]]
Sharon: "Harpy"?

[[Tim is restraining Scott from attacking Greg, while Knuth restrains Greg from attacking Scott.]]
Greg: You've defiled everything the Brotherhood once stood for, Scott!
Scott: And thou art blinded by thy fundamentalist ideals!
[[A new voice thunders from behind them all.]]

[[thePR0PH3T enters the room, and Patty glares disgustedly at the everybody.]]
thePR0PH3T: I called you both here to SETTLE this rivalry, not turn it into a nerd slap fest.
Patty: [angrily] Enough with the dramatic entrances already!

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