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[[Following thePR0PH3T's disclosure of a new "final test" and a potential fifth candidate, the two factions of the Brotherhood face off at the old arcade. Scott and Tim glare at Greg and Knuth, while Fooker and Sharon watch from the sidelines.]]
Scott: I am none too happy with how this evening hath transpired.
Greg: Put succinctly, I agree.

thePR0PH3T: [putting an arm around each of them] Brothers, the discovery of the prophecy was meant to be a joyous event, not a divisive one. Please... I know you have your differences, but set them aside just long enough to see the true gift before us.

thePR0PH3T: [smiling encouragingly] Remember what "the One" is all about: A digital revolution, the dawn of a new online age. EVERYTHING is about to change. It shouldn't be about who's right or wrong. We as brothers will be at the center of it all, IF we can work together.

[[Scott and Greg glare angrily at each other, then reluctantly agree.]]
Scott: I suppose... for NOW... a truce shall be required.
Greg: For NOW.

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