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[[As Scott and thePR0PH3T continue talking in the background, Yoshi tries to quietly step away from Sharon and Fooker. Fooker, though, isn't letting that happen. He snags Yoshi's shoulder as Yoshi starts to walk off.]]
Fooker: Hold your horses, cowboy. Just because they're wrapping things up don't mean WE'RE done with YOU yet.

Sharon: [arms crossed, leaning sternly toward Yoshi] Aren't you rather far from home, young man?
Yoshi: [leaning back defensively] The 'rents think I'm on a job interview, which, in a way, I kinda am.

Sharon: [angrily] Well, it's a good thing your sister is on a plane right now, or I'd be calling or texting her all about this.
Fooker: [putting hand on her shoulder] Easy, Red...

[[Fooker grins slyly as he continues, his words addressed to Sharon but Yoshi cringes on hearing them. Sharon's grin soon matches Fooker's.]]
Fooker: You know what it was like back in college... Join a "frat," take a road trip, a little... "experimentation"... It's only when you're older and sober that you pray no one ever finds out...

References: The Oshiros are at least a three-hour flight from where the GPF gang live (that's air time, not pre- and post-flight); Yoshi the phenom in college (he's probably in grad school by now); Ki's business trip
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