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[[In a storage room off of a U.G.A. corridor (helpfully labeled "CORRIDOR"), we hear two strange voices.]]
Narration: Deep in the top secret U.G.A. prison/headquarters...
Voice 1: Two jacks! That's a half-fizzbin!
Voice 2: Flargnak.

[[The voices are revealed to be Pi and Plank, or Grey Drones # 3141592 and 6626168. They sit playing a card game, with various food items scattered around them.]]
Pi: Another jack and you'll have a shralk. You might as well give up now.
Plank: Or I'm only a couple cards from a kronk! Never give up, never surrender!

Pi: [Rearranging the cards in his hand] We need to wrap this up. We've been away from the cell for too long. The stasis field on the camera will fade soon.
Plank: Aw, 3141592... It's so cramped being cooped up in that "Inertia" mech all day.

Plank: Besides, it's the middle of the night. All the agents are in bed or on assignment.
Pi: [whispering] Shows what you know. Someone's coming.

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