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[[Pi (3141592) and Plank (6626168) have hidden atop a shelf in the U.G.A. store room where they were playing Fizzbin, just in time to watch Maddie (Agent #12) and Justin (Agent #6) stop right below their hiding place. Their conversation has obviously been taking place for a little while.]]
Justin: I'm telling you, the cameras' clocks are off consistently, and only in that one cell! I reset them and they keep drifting!

Maddie: Will you give it a rest already, Justin! I'm getting sick and tired of hearing anything and everything about Inertia all the time. Maybe there's a problem with the time server.

Justin: Then why are all the other systems synchronized, including the other cameras?
Maddie: Maybe it's a LAN issue or a hardware fault...

Justin: They why are we getting video at all?
Maddie: I don't know! You're the one watching it all the time. YOU ought to know!
Plank: [whispering to Pi] I think these two need counseling...

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