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[[Justin and Maddie are continuing their "conversation" about Inertia, while Pi and Plank watch from their hiding place overhead.]]
Justin: Look, all I'm saying is there's something wrong with the cameras in Inertia's cell. I've put in an order to have them replaced. He's supposed to be under constant surveillance.

Maddie: [frustrated] At this point, I'm beginning to wonder WHY. He barely moves, rarely eats, hardly sleeps... and yet you can't go without watching him for 30 seconds. You'd rather spend all your time watching that statue than... well...

Justin: [warily] Being with you?
Maddie: [angrily] For starters. I've been patient and supportive, Justin, but that can only go so far. You're neglecting everything -- and everyONE -- around you.

[[Maddie turns away, eyes closed and arms crossed. Justin looks surprised and sad as she begins to speak again.]]
Maddie: I'm beginning to think you care more about that behemoth then you do... about me...
[[From their hiding place above, Plank looks ecstatic and whispers to a grimacing Pi.]]
Plank: He likes us! He really likes us!

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