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[[Maddie and Justin continue their conversation. Although we don't see them in this strip, Pi and Plank are still in their hiding place, listening to them talk.]]
Maddie: I'm serious. #18 has been... off. Not blatantly obvious things, but some subtle ones... little inconsistencies. I... think he's been compromised.
Justin: By who? Not C.R.U.D.E...

Maddie: [concentrating] No... With so many of them locked up here, they're no longer a threat. That's what has me really concerned. I have no ideas or real evidence, but...
Justin: You just have a feeling.

Maddie: [looking back at Justin] Yes, I know. Call me a hypocrite for bashing your Inertia obsession. Maybe we're BOTH right. If you watch #18 more closely, I'll pay more attention to Inertia. Maybe there's something the other missed...
[[There's a voice from behind them, off-panel.]]
Voice: Ahem...

[[They turn to see another agent at the door.]]
Justin: Yes, Agent #7560?
Agent #7560: Didn't expect to find you two in here. Emergency staff meeting, briefing room 12.

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