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[[Agent #7560 leads Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12) and Justin (Agent #6) from the storeroom where they've been talking to an emergency staff meeting in one of the U.G.A.'s briefing rooms.]]
Maddie: Emergency staff meeting? It's the middle of the night!
Agent #7560: And you two were having a lovers' spat in the pantry. Since when have we kept 9-to-5 hours around here?

[[Pi and Plank follow Maddie and Justin out of the room, stopping just outside the room. There they watch Maddie and Justin enter a briefing room just down the hall.]]
Plank: [whispering] What do we do? Head back to the cell where it's safe?
Pi: [whispering] No... Follow them, but keep an orb out for other agents. Something isn't right.

[[Pi levers a ventilation duct cover away from the wall and the two climb inside. Once inside they move to where they can see into the conference room from inside the air duct, and they see Agent #18 in the room.]]
Pi: Oh, look... It's our favorite human drone, #18.
Plank: [confused] Favorite? I thought we didn't like him..

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