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[[The U.G.A. agents in the room during (puppet) Agent #18's briefing are reacting in shock to the news that "Amadeus" has stepped down from his position leading the organization. Maddie and Justin are sitting in the back of the room, both with expressions of surprise, while agents in front of them react more vocally.]]
Agent: "Amadeus" has resigned?
Agent: When was this?
Agent: Who's in charge, then? Baud?

[[Agent #18 (puppet) holds out his hands to the group, trying to calm them down.]]
Agent #18: Settle down! There'll be no change in ranks or numbers. As for "Amadeus," there were concerns about a British national being in charge of a U.S. spy organization, and about his high-profile alter-ego.

Agent #18: In light of these issues, he has voluntarily stepped down. To fill the void, the Pentagon has sent us an old familiar face, one a few of you may remember. [[he gestures toward a figure in the doorway behind him, but the figure is hidden in the shadows.]]

Agent #18: It is my honor to present...
[[Maddie and Justin react in shock and anger.]]
Maddie: [whispering, wide-eyed] Oh my god...
Justin: [whispering, glaring] Dad...

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